IIASA Voices #11 - Nature-based Solutions

IIASA Voices #11 - Nature-based Solutions

6. Dezember 2023

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You are warmly invited to join us for our next exciting IIASA voices webinar with IIASA researchers JoAnne Linnerooth-Bayer and Juliette Martin, moderated by Alberto Fresolone. This episode focuses on Nature-based Solutions (NBS).

More about the topic
The planet is facing multiple challenges as the impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss and other environmental problems are starting to be realized. Nature-based Solutions can address the climate-biodiversity nexus by utilising nature and the power of healthy ecosystems to protect people and economies, and safeguard a stable and biodiverse future. During this event you will learn more about how NBS can be enabled or hindered through governance systems with a special focus on addressing the near insurmountable nature financing gap. JoAnne Linnerooth-Bayer and Juliette Martin, with moderator Alberto Fresolone, will share their research and highlight policy and financing policy reforms for supporting NBS.

Weitere Informationen: https://iiasa.ac.at/events/dec-2023/iiasa-voices-11-nature-based-solutions?mc_cid=d3a1e77e5f&mc_eid=7b072fb5a5

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